African Bongola
Southafrican Belly Dance
Cameroun Makossa, Makassi
Congolese Soukouss, Mayebo
Cape Verde Style Dances
Afro Raggae

In the rhythm of the African music you are going to learn on the one hand traditional dances from West, Central and South Africa and on the other hand modern dances e.g. from Cameroon, Congo and South Africa.

The single stones of the African dances provide a relaxed and earthed body feeling.

The aim of the course is to experience your various body parts in a relaxed way, to find ease and to free your body spirits in the dance.

Afrocuban Salsa
Mambo, Merengue
Cumbia, Bachata
Zouk, Beguine, Kizomba

The cheerful dances and the caribbean
music are highly influenced by
West African traditional dances of
former slaves from Africa.

Today the Afrocuban Salsa, Merengue,
Bachata and many other afrocaribbean
dances enjoy international popularity.

In our courses and workshops we teach
not only the Afrocuban salsa which was originally known as Latino Jazz
but also various other dances that find their origin in Africa.

We want you to share the joy of life,
movement and unique music for the small
holiday in everyday life.

Samba do Bahia
Samba Raggea
Capoeira do Brasil
Capoeira Angola

As well as the afrocaribbean dances the hot rhythms of afrobrazilian dances which are known to us mainly from the brazilian carnival have their origins in western Africa.

Traditions, culture and stories of african slaves still live today in the sounds and rhythms of the South American continent and inspire numerous people worldwide.

African Djembé

For all those who want to learn how to play the drums in the mountains and rainforests of Central Africa with a simple Djembé.

The participants learn about the magical properties and experience the liberating effect of drumming.

The drumming technique of the pygmies is an ancient technique from the tropical rain forests of Central Africa.

The Bamileke drumming technique, however, comes from the mountains in the west of Cameroon.

Drumming is a fun experience and is an essential part of communication in Africa.