• Dance classes

    One of the oldest salsa dance styles, known from the cuban capital of Havana,
    is the "Afrocuban Salsa" strongly shaped by west-african traditional dances of the former slaves from West Africa.
    The music was first played on african drums and woodwinds.
    At the beginning of the 20th century "Afrocuban Salsa" was first known as "Latino Jazz" before it was called "Salsa" later.

    Afrocuban Salsa, Mambo, Bachata

    Mon, 12.11.2018 - Mon, 10.12.2018
    20.30 - 22.00 o'clock
    Duration: 5 times
    8 - 20 students
    Single registration possible
    Fee: 66,00 Euro
    Ulm, vh-Tanzstudio im Westbad, Moltkestraße 39, Room 2
    Instructor: Leo Kouemou
    Class-No.: 18H 0930416
    Registration:Volkshochschule Ulm