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  • (African Association for Culture, Education, Health and Development)


    Article 1 "Africa is dying and the world is watching"
    Beyond Europe, the current socio-political situation in Africa is alarming.
    About 80% - 90% of today's African population lives in the Civil War, Dictatorships,
    under terrorism, in famine or just below the limits of subsistence.
    Many children, women, old men but also young people have lost the hope for an improvement of the situation long ago.
    They no longer think of an education, are puppets
    of greedy presidents, terrorists, bandits, rowdies, drug addicts or criminals.
    Yet...can't we do anything about it?

    Article 2
    However, many Africans and non-Africans out of Africa want to do
    something for the development of Africa even in a very small scale.
    However, the motivation is missing, because you often do not want to be alone or
    because you don't have sufficient information about the actual situation.
    Lots of people don't want to help via aid organizations but want to help directly.
    So, in cooperation with some friends and acquaintances in Germany and
    Europe i took the initiative to establish an association not only restricted on the cultural level.
    The association should also achieve an improvement of the current situation in Africa
    through active engagement in development projects in Africa

    Article 3
    On 9th April 2011 the former association "Asike" which was founded in 1996 was
    renamed and got the new name "Mamy Africa".
    The focus of activities was not longer on students initiatives,
    is but rather supported by professionals.

    Article 4
    The name "Mamy Africa" is derived from the culture, dance and music group
    "Mamy Salsabor Africa", which was initiated in 2000 by Dr. Guy Kouemou.
    In the future, the dance and music group "Mamy Africa Salsabor" will continue to exist.
    However, it will be financially and operationally autonomous and independent
    from the cultural association "Mamy Africa e.V.".

    Dr. Guy Kouemou, the April 15, 2011

    Statutes of Mamy Africa e.V.

    1 Name and Location
    (1) Mamy Africa (African Association for Culture, Education, Health and Development).
    (2) Ulm.

    2 Legal Capacity
    The Association shall be listed in the register of associations at the district court in Ulm.
    Thus the chairman shall ensure that the phrase "registered association" (e.V.)
    will be added to the name of the Association .

    3 Purpose of the association
    The association pursues exclusively and directly non-profit and charitable
    purposes within the meaning of the section "tax-privileged purposes" of the Tax Code.
    The purpose of the association is to promote

    - development cooperation
    - international understanding
    - public health
    - education
    - arts, sports, dance, music, tradition and culture
    - charitable purposes.

    The purpose is achieved in particular by
    (1) The African culture mainly in Germany,
    but as well in any other European country as well as overseas.
    This can be organized through lectures, films, slide shows about Africa,
    or else by African plays, dance shows, musical events and parties.

    (2) Active participation in development projects in African countries.

    (3) The active participation in education in different African countries.
    This might include e.g. the support of schools, vocational training centers, church
    or private educational institutions or individual children in each African country.
    This might be e.g. the organization and delivery books, notebooks, writing materials
    for a specific school project.

    (4) Active participation in actions to support the health sector
    in different African countries. This can include the supplying of
    pharmaceuticals, medical devices or medical courses at
    hospitals, midwives centers, clinics and even patient groups.
    Furthermore, it could include a time-limited support for projects in the health sector
    carried out by a team of physicians and nurses.

    (5) Support of persons in need defined by i.S. 53 AO.
    The association is for this purpose allowed to define a third cooperating person for help i.S.d. 57 Section 1 p.2 AO,
    if it cannot or donnot want to perceive the tasks itself.
    In addition, the club is raising funds by contributions
    donations and through events that promote the ideals for the sponsored
    purpose and might refer them to other bodies at home or abroad as
    a sponsoring i.S.d. 58 no. 1 AO.
    Raising funds for an unlimited tax liabile organization of private law in Germany requires that this is tax deductible itself.
    Bodies abroad must use the procured funds for the tax-privileged purpose it was collected for.
    The Association is working selflessly. It does not pursue primarily
    economic purposes. The funds may only be used for statutory
    uses. The members receive no benefits from the association.
    No person may have be favored by investments that are foreign to the purpose of the association, or by disproportionately
    high remuneration.

    4 acquisition of membership
    Who can be a member of Mamy Africa? Anyone interested in African culture
    and development if a written application to the representatives is being approved.

    5 loss of membership
    First withdrawal;
    Each member is free, even without giving a reason after
    compliance with any existing liabilities to the club to explain his resignation.

    Second friendly dismissal;
    Friendly dismissal may be permitted in
    particularly compelling reasons be granted by club decision.

    Third exclusion;
    (1) The Association shall be entitled to exclude a member by resolution
    from the association, if
    a) the member does not comply obligations to the club despite a request by registered letter.
    b) violates in severe contravention the principles of Mamy Africa or has damaged its reputation.
    (2) The exclusion shall be communicated to the member in written form.
    Contradiction to the exclusion of a member is to be appealed to the General Assembly.
    (3) The resignation of a member does not affect the existence of the association.
    The Retiring is not entitled to club funds.

    6 Rights and obligations of members
    (1) The member should strive to implement the articles of the association of Mamy Africa.
    (2) Each member has the right to have information about the overall situation of the club.
    (3) Each member has the right to request an amendment of the statutes from the Chairman.

    7 organs of the association
    Organs of the Association are:
    First the General Assembly,
    Second, the Executive Board

    8 General Assembly
    (1) The consulting and deciding General Assembly is the highest authority of the Association.
    Its decisions bind all members.
    (2) In general, the ordinary general meeting takes place on a day to be defined annually.
    In urgent cases, the Board is authorized to appoint an extraordinary general meeting.
    It is obliged to do so when one third of the members request for a meeting in written form
    stating the purpose and reasons.
    (3) The meeting shall be convened with a period of two weeks in advance if possible by written notice
    including a notice of the agenda.
    (4) Each member is entitled to vote. The right to vote is not transferable.
    (5) Any duly convened meeting shall constitute a quorum.

    (6) The resolutions passed at the general meeting shall be recorded in a protocol.
    The minutes shall be signed by the Secretary and the Chairman.
    It is to be read out in the next General Assembly.

    9 The Board
    (1) The Board consists of:
    1. First chairman,
    2. First deputy chairman,
    3. Second deputy chairman,
    4. the Secretary
    5. the Treasurer.

    (2) The members of the Board are elected by the General Assembly for a period of one year.
    Their term of office shall be extended by one year if the General Assembly does not make a new election.

    (3) The President shall represent the Association in court and out of court.
    He can instruct a representative to individual issues or for a
    specific group of matters or order another board member.
    In addition, the Board conducts the Association's business jointly.

    (4) In voting decides by simple majority.
    In a tie, the vote of the Chairman shall decide.

    10 Election Rules
    (1) every member is entitled to vote.
    (2) The executive committee may only be elected who has full legal capacity.
    (3) Any member may submit nominations.
    (4) At the request of a member must be elected by secret ballot.
    (5) A member may be elected even in the absence, if she / he previously
    approved the candidacy in written form.
    (6) The members of the Executive Board are elected separately.
    (7) If there are more candidates than members that shall be elected to the Board,
    the candidates are elected who receive the most votes.
    In a tie, a runoff election decides. (8) In runoff election the one candidate is elected, which gets the simple majority.
    (9) The General Assembly elects a three-member Election Commission, which guides the choice and conduct.
    The members of the Electoral Commission can not run for the Executive Board.
    Is there a general meeting of less than 8 members, the members' meeting elects
    a single-member electoral commission, which then conducts the election under the supervision of the members present.
    The member of the Electoral Commission can not run for the Executive Board.

    11 The Financial Year
    The fiscal year of the Association shall be the calendar year.

    12 funding of the association
    (1) There is no membership fee.
    (2) The Board must decide before each project whether the funding is possible.
    (3) Each member of the Association may borrow funds for the realization of an event at the club.
    These funds will be repaid by the end of the event.
    (4) Members of the Association are not paid for activities within the club in general.
    A fee they get only if they skipped a private job in favor of the association
    and sign an appropriate agreement with the Chairman of the Association.
    (5) Profits at events are spend for the survival of the club,
    but also used for the commitment to development projects in Africa.
    (6) The association is of course happy to receive donations of any kind.

    13 Dissolution of the Association
    (1) The dissolution of the Association can advise only on the specially appointed meeting and decided.
    (2) In any case, all voting club members are to be invited by the the Executive Board
    15 days in advance, specifying the place, date and agenda for this
    General Assembly.
    (3) Upon dissolution of the association or loss of tax-privileged purposes the
    assets of the association will be given to a public corporation or a
    tax-privileged corporation for the promotion of development cooperation.

    Ulm the April 15, 2011
    The Executive Board 2011

    Chairman: Dr. Guy Kouemou
    1 Deputy Chairman: Dipl. Ing. Anumu Philip
    2 DEputy Chairman: Ms Liliane Tetsi
    Secretary: Dr. Ariane Hack
    Treasurer: Dipl.-Inf. Carole Djomo
    Register of Associations No. 2504, District Court -. Registry Court - Karlsruhe

    Mamy Africa eV Chairman: Dr Guy Kouemou Rehweg 7 89081 Ulm
    Tel: 0174/4264078
    Email: Date: 24/06/2011